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Baresana Beer 33cl - I Peuceti Craft Brewery

Baresana Beer 33cl - I Peuceti Craft Brewery

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Belgian ALE beer
Intense yellow in colour, it has a light haze and a fine white foam of medium persistence. The aromas are typical of the Belgian tradition, the result of the wise management of fermentation. In fact, it is in this phase that the powerful yeast selected by us releases the aromatic notes that make our beer so characteristic.
Baresana immediately reveals a certain residual sugar which gives it a medium body,
but never excessive due to the perfect balance achieved through the notes
spicy and fruity (cloves and candied citrus peels) that the yeast

100% certified Apulian Pils malt
Candy sugar
Hallertauer Magnum and Saaz hops

Special beer 5.6% ALC.VOL.
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