About Us

Tra i Banchi del Mercato was born in the heart of the 2020 Pandemic from an idea of ​​Francesco. The objective was to manage home deliveries where large-scale distribution, now in a tailspin, was unable to do so. The structure was simple, a family point of sale in the Santa Scolastica market in Bari, an online catalog and pen and paper for taking orders. Taralli, olives, pickles, wines and fresh seasonal products were available to all the people of Bari forced to remain at home.

The fast delivery service, high quality products and word of mouth allowed Tra i Banchi del Mercato to grow locally in a matter of months. The crucial factor was COMFORT FOOD which, like never before in that period, served to bring a smile or a moment of happiness. Often the "shopping" was accompanied by small gifts, thank you or motivational notes and on Sunday there was no shortage of phone calls to customers to have a chat and feel less alone. Small measures that we still adopt today ❤️

Today the prerogatives are slightly different but the spirit remains the same!

Our mission at "Tra i Banchi del Mercato" is to celebrate and spread Apulian Comfort Food through our daily commitment to quality, authenticity and sustainability.

Quality and Authenticity: We are committed to selecting and using only local products, coming from the best Apulian producers. Each item is created with passion, respecting traditional recipes and revisiting them with a touch of modernity, to offer our customers an authentic, high-quality experience.

Comfort Food: We want our Brand "Tra i Banchi del Mercato" to become synonymous with moments of pleasure and comfort, creating an emotional bond with the flavors of our childhood and our land.

Made in Puglia: We proudly support Made in Puglia. We believe in the value of zero kilometer and in sustainability, contributing to the economic and social development of our region.

Innovation and Tradition: We are committed to innovating without ever forgetting our roots. As we explore new ideas and projects, we remain faithful to the traditions that make Apulian cuisine unique. We want to be a bridge between past and future, keeping the gastronomic culture of Puglia alive.

The road is long, but the first step has been taken 🇮🇹

A hug from Puglia

Francesco and the whole Team

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