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Saita la Melagrana Italiana

Pomegranate Glaze 140gr Saita

Pomegranate Glaze 140gr Saita

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Icing made from 8 pomegranate fruits

Explore Saita's unique pomegranate glaze, a true culinary gem that transforms every dish into an unforgettable gourmet experience. With its unique flavor profile, this glaze embodies the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, creating a harmony of flavors that will delight your senses.

Produced with care and dedication, each bottle of Saita Pomegranate Glaze brings with it the intensity and authenticity of fresh fruit. Its sweet flavor, caressed by a light acidic note, adds depth and liveliness to any dish.

This glaze is an ideal companion for enhancing the flavors of a wide range of dishes. From succulent meats to delicious seafood, from crunchy vegetables to mature cheeses, its versatility is limitless. You can also dare with unusual combinations: on desserts, fresh fruit or even ice cream, it will give a new dimension of taste.

net weight 140gr

Produced by: Soveragri Agricultural Scoietà - Terlizzi, Puglia

Ingredients: 8 Pomegranate Fruits

Store in a cool, dry place away from lights and heat sources. Once opened, consume within a few days

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