Vino Primitivo Puglia I.G.P. Cantina Angiulli

Primitivo Puglia IGP wine Cantina Angiulli

One of the first wines I tasted since I entered this world is Primitivo Angiuli . Partly because the cellar was close to home, partly because as a Pugliese you can't help but know and taste Primitivo.

There are two areas best suited to making primitivo in Puglia: Manduria and the Gioia di Colle area, where the Angiuli vineyards are located.

Don't be intimidated by the alcohol content of Primitivo. Alcohol gives that pseudo-caloric sensation in the mouth, sometimes irritating only if it is not well balanced by the freshness and fruity notes of the grapes. All characteristics that you find in this wine with a long persistence.

As an old oenology professor of mine used to say

“we can discuss the various awards of a wine, stars and glasses, but if two people at dinner finish a bottle of wine without realizing it, that is the sign of a great wine” .

Words that fully describe the Primitivo Puglia PGI from Cantina Angiuli.


obviously meat, roasts, game or mature cheeses.

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