Solfiti nel Vino, parliamone

Sulphites in Wine, let's talk about it

It seems like we never talk about it enough, because the question always comes up on time, much more frequently than it seems.

Does this wine contain sulphites?

Yes, fortunately!!!

Sulphites don't give you a headache as they say and if the day after drinking you wake up with a headache, well, how much did you drink???

But what are sulphites?

The term "sulphites" refers to sulfur dioxide that is added to wine, usually in the form of potassium metabisulphite . Its function is to preserve the wine, thanks to its disinfectant, antioxidant and stabilizing action.

Sulfur dioxide is usually added to wine because it is not present in its natural state in grapes; however it can be produced by some strains of yeasts naturally present in the must, therefore it can be considered as a natural by-product of wine.

Why are sulphites used?

Having a natural antioxidant action, they keep the organoleptic characteristics of the wine and its quality intact over time. As we have previously explained, sulphites are already present in wine naturally but their quantity is not enough, which is why they are added.

Are sulphites bad for you?

The quantity present in a bottle of wine is safe for human health as exposed by the European community which regulates the use of preservatives in the food industry in great detail. Good practice is to oxygenate the wine to remove much of the free sulfur dioxide present in the bottle. As? open the bottle at least an hour before consuming it, swirl the wine in the glass, choose good quality wines!

Happy tasting 🍷

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