Cosa fare se avanza del vino?

What to do if you have some wine left over?

Once the bottle of wine has been opened, in case you are unable to finish it, it should be kept in the fridge.

How long?


Once the bottle is opened, the oxygen comes into contact with the wine and will slowly change it. In the long run, "oxidation" defects can develop which alter the flavor, color and other aspects of the wine.

Wines without sulphites last less than nothing, you'll want to finish the bottle. A young white (1-2 years) can last a couple of days. Red wines tend to last longer, naturally have more antioxidant substances and react better to contact with oxygen. Sweet wines can potentially last quite a while.

Ultimately, once opened, the bottle of wine should be kept in the fridge for the simple fact that the low temperature slows down the oxidation process .

Do you want a tip?
Don't underestimate the bag in box , it is the only packaging capable of preserving the wine for longer as, through the tap, it reduces contact with the air and therefore with oxygen to a minimum.

Happy Tasting 🍷

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