Grano Senatore Cappelli: L'Eccellenza della Pasta Italiana

Senatore Cappelli wheat: the excellence of Italian pasta

Pasta, symbol of culinary Italy, finds one of its noblest expressions in the wheat variety called "Senatore Cappelli". In this article, we will delve into the unique characteristics and qualities of this ancient grain, as well as the production process of the pasta obtained from it. Furthermore, we will reveal a secret that delights the most demanding palates: the pasta of "Tra i Banchi del Mercato" is made exclusively with Senatore Cappelli wheat flour coming from Italian organic cultivations, with the entire production process carried out in Italy.

Senatore Cappelli wheat: History and Origins

Senatore Cappelli Wheat owes its name to Senator Raffaele Cappelli, a passionate supporter of Italian agriculture. The variety was developed by Nazareno Strampelli in 1915 and is considered a milestone in Italian agriculture. What makes Senatore Cappelli wheat so special is its versatility and resistance to climatic adversities, which have made it a leading crop in the Bel Paese.

Senatore Cappelli Wheat Pasta: Unparalleled Quality

The pasta obtained from Senatore Cappelli wheat flour is an authentic culinary treasure. The flour itself is packed with high-quality protein, essential vitamins and minerals, making this pasta a nutritionally superior choice over conventional alternatives. But the culinary virtues of this pasta go beyond that.

The ability of this flour to retain sauces and sauces is extraordinary. This means that every bite is an explosion of flavour, with an al dente texture that satisfies the senses in an inimitable way. Senatore Cappelli wheat pasta is, therefore, an authentic culinary experience that celebrates the Italian gastronomic tradition.

Our Secret: quality and control

"Tra i Banchi del Mercato" is a brand committed to promoting the best Apulian food products. Our pasta is a true culinary jewel. By using exclusively Senatore Cappelli wheat flour from Italian organic cultivation, we are able to guarantee the highest quality and authenticity. Our brand stands out for the rigorous control of the production chain and a careful manufacturing process, which preserves the authenticity and quality of Senatore Cappelli wheat. Each forkful of "Tra i Banchi del Mercato" pasta is a journey through the riches of Italian flavours, a tribute to the sustainability and agricultural tradition of our country.

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