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The Legend of the Mermaid - Wine Box

The Legend of the Mermaid - Wine Box

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This Wine Box is inspired by the legend of Skuma, a young woman from Taranto destined and forced, due to her bewitching beauty, to become queen of the mermaids of the two seas after being pushed into the water by her true love blinded by jealousy. Popular story has it that Skuma's husband, a local fisherman, with the help of a fairy, managed to save the girl and chase the mermaids out of the Gulf of Taranto.

A mix of flavors ranging from the sweetness and lightness of the Sirena (semi-aromatic still white with subtle citrus notes) to the courage and ardor of the Pescatore (full-bodied still red with a stronger flavour), all surrounded by the Apulian scenario introduced by the Negroamaro Rosato (light and versatile wine rich in tradition).

Our La Leggenda della Siena Wine Box is ideal for a gift or to avoid showing up empty-handed at a dinner at a friend's house, but it is also designed for those who want to explore the winemaking tradition linked to the territory and popular legends.

The Wine Box includes:

- La Sirena - Bianco Salento IGT by Feudo Monaci 750ml 12%VOL

- Il Pescatore - Rosso Salento IGT by Feudo Monaci 750ml 13% VOL

- Negroamaro Rosato PGI by Feudo Monaci 750ml 12.5% ​​VOL

in black cardboard packaging with windows as shown in the image

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