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Tra i banchi del mercato

Artisan Orange Jam

Artisan Orange Jam

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In our jam, the intense aroma of oranges is masterfully captured, giving a refined explosion of aromas in every spoonful. With artisanal methods passed down over time, we preserve tradition with production that pays attention to detail and unsurpassed quality. Only top quality oranges find space in this delight, without compromises: no preservatives, no artificial flavours. Versatile in the kitchen, our jam lends itself to an infinite number of culinary uses, adding a fresh and sweet note to every dish, from breakfast to dessert.

We opted for a fan-shaped label to show the product in all its form without hiding anything ❤️

weight 200gr

Distributed by Tra i Banchi del Mercato - Bari, Puglia

Ingredients: Orange Juice from ITALY 75%, Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Lemon Juice.

*Contains sulfites. Possible traces of nuts.

NUTRITIONAL DECLARATION: average values ​​per 100g of product

Power Kj 496.83
Kcal 118.75
Fats gr 0
of which saturated fatty acids gr 0
Carbohydrates gr 31.29
of which sugars gr 30.38
Fibers gr 0.09
Proteins gr 0.39
salt gr 0.03

Store in a cool, dry place away from lights or heat sources. Once opened, keep in the fridge and consume within a few days.

Do not consume if the cap "clicks" when pressed. If so, contact customer support.

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