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Caciocavallo Aged with Primitivo

Caciocavallo Aged with Primitivo

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Discover the enveloping taste of our Caciocavallo Pugliese, a high quality artisanal cheese, expertly refined with the distinctive character of Primitivo. Produced with care and passion according to local tradition, this cheese combines the creamy richness of Caciocavallo with the aromatic complexity of Primitivo wine, giving a unique gastronomic experience. Each bite offers a symphony of intense flavors and a perfect balance between the sweetness of the cheese and the robust notes of the Primitivo. Delight your palate with the perfect combination of Apulian dairy expertise and oenological excellence, creating an extraordinary culinary experience. Buy our Caciocavallo Pugliese aged with Primitivo today and let yourself be transported on a journey of authentic and satisfying taste.

Stretched curd cheese aged for 2 to 6 months, obtained from fresh whole milk from "brown" breed cows

net weight 400gr (half wheel)

price per kg - €23.75

Produced by: Masseria La Lunghiera - Turi, Bari

Ingredients: Raw milk , natural whey starter , salt, rennet.

NUTRITIONAL DECLARATION: average values ​​per 100g of product

Power Kj 1730
Kcal 416
Fats gr 31
of which saturated fatty acids gr 19.4
Carbohydrates gr 0.1
of which sugars gr 0.1
Fibers gr 0
Proteins gr 34.2
salt gr 0.6

Keep in the fridge

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